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Alcohol Inks


  "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his paintings"


- Henry Ward  Beecher


 Veronica is a very talented artist based in Ballybofey, Co. Donegal. Her work is diverse : contemporary, landscape or abstract. She is always inspired by nature and the incredible scenery of Donegal.


   Mostly self taught, her art journey started in 2000.

   As a New Year resolution she decided to take classes and she joined the local art  group.

She has painted in several art programs in lreland, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Turkey, France, and Austria, experimenting with  different mediums and using her intuition and her imagination. 

   Veronica works mainly with oils, alcohol inks, and  watercolours. She has always been inspired and drawn to the colours of nature, the ever changing  light on the landscape, the reflections, the mountains, the colours of the trees and the movement of the sky and sea,  the sparkle of the river and lakes.

Veronica Maguire at the Glebe Gallery Exhibition
 " During lockdown, I missed traveling to the coast, feeling the sand in my toes, the fresh sea air, our beautiful rugged landscapes and countryside, so I escaped into my art.
Art in general is a wonderful way to push your horizons."

Veronica Maguire


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